What is the Difference Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

What is the Difference Private Cloud vs Public Cloud?

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Remember that choosing the right cloud solution for your business is very essential in order to create a strong hybrid IT strategy. For a growing organization, it is very important to learn the difference between the public cloud as well as the private cloud. 

Are you considering moving to the cloud but unsure which is the right option for your business? Or wondering how the private and public clouds differ? Below written is the comparative overview which assists you in making the right decision when moving towards the cloud. 

Public cloud: Public cloud mainly refers to the cloud service which is available to the general public mainly on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is also known as multi-tenant environments. It saves all your information off-site on a shared server which is managed as well as maintained by the service provider. Since the services are paid for on a subscription basis which ultimately helps to reduce the need for investing large amounts of capital, thus freeing up your in-house IT resources. 

Private cloud: In this, the private cloud solution will host your data on a dedicated server with access as well as management that are limited only to your business. The network is protected by a secure firewall, while it also offers excellent performance due to its single usage. 

The control and maintenance of the service can be done by customers that mean that you can tailor your infrastructure in order to meet your business needs and also to suit any security or infrastructure requirements that you have. 


1. A private cloud is a single-tenant which means a dedicated network and hardware for your business which is managed by an in-house technical team, but the public cloud is a multi-tenant that has a shared network hosted off-site and managed by your service provider.

2. High performance, customization, security and control options are offered by a private cloud, while the public cloud offers an affordable solution that helps to provide room for growth.   

3. A private cloud helps in protecting your most sensitive data as well as applications, while the public cloud ensures disaster recovery and application testing for smaller and public-facing companies. 

4. The private cloud can be managed in house and the support, as well as maintenance, is done by your technical administrators. But the scalability of the public cloud depends upon the service level agreement and the maintenance & support is done by the cloud service provider’s technical team. 

5. In private cloud, there is a need for large upfront costs in order to implement the software, hardware as well as staff resource but this is not so in the case of public cloud there you have affordable options providing a pay as you go service fee.

6. Private cloud ensures excellent security to meet the data protection legislation but in the public cloud, there is basic security compliance.

7. You get high performance from a dedicated server in a private cloud but in public, the competing users can reduce performance levels.

Therefore, before picking up the cloud solution, you need to do proper research and ensure that you pick up the right cloud solution in order to meet your individual workload needs. 

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