Remote Backup Services for your Business

Remote Backup Services for your Business

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Backups are important for your business as it helps in restoring the computer devices during the process of disaster recovery as well as assists in restoring the data after the files have undergone damage or deletion. Database backups are very important for protection against the data loss that can entirely disrupt your business operation.  

The cloud has turned out to be an increasingly viable backup solution for small businesses due to its reasonable cost as well as ease of use. Business and enterprise cloud backup plans often render some serious benefits such as advanced user management, business-class support as well as intelligent dashboards.  

You might feel safe knowing that you have all your folders synced with Google Drive or Dropbox. It is very vital to understand that cloud syncing services like google drive and dropbox does not come in cloud backup services. These services are only made for syncing dedicated folders and for online collaboration. They cannot automatically protect all your data. As a business owner, you need to have the security of service which offers full-scale backup functionality that can help your business back on its feet in case there is a loss of data, system or application. 

Below stated are some short reviews of every reputable business online backup service. 

Carbonite: It is one of the famous cloud backup services due to some good reasons. It is easy to use, you can simply set it up and forget it; carbonite will do all its work in the background. Carbonite renders unlimited storage which is perfect for any growing business. You don’t need to worry about that when you are going to hit the limit and what will happen if you hit the limit or your files will be backed up or not. It gives you the option to backup everything and you can also manually select what you want to backup. 

Backblaze: It is almost similar to carbonite in its offering due to which these two are close competitors. Backblaze has a simple and easy to use interface, while it renders unlimited storage. Once you set up this, it will automatically scan your hard drive for all the files that you need backup. Once the scan is completed, you can click on okay to get the backup underway. It is involved in offering continuous backup option. 

Open drive: This custom plan of open drive comes at a cost-effective price but it has a 500GB cap on the storage as well as has bandwidth limitations. It makes use of a desktop UI for managing sync and backup processes. The interface of the open drive is not very appealing but is easy enough to use. It has a continuous backup facility which is a saving grace. 

SpiderOak: It does not provide unlimited online backup, you can get online storage of 5TB which is sufficient for most of the cases. SpiderOak also uploads only file changes instead of the entire file just like the Carbonite backup service. Its end-to-end encryption is client-side which helps in keeping your files secure. 

Therefore, these are some of the amazing cloud backup services for business owners. 

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