10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

10 Benefits of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is one of the practices of using a network of remote servers that are hosted on the internet in order to store, manage as well as process data. In simple words, you can say that it is totally based on the internet. In the past time, when people required running programs or the applications from the software which was downloaded from a server or physical computer, cloud computing services assist in accessing those applications with the medium of the internet. You again make the use of cloud computing, when you check the balance of your bank account on the phone.

You again make use of cloud computing, when you update your facebook status. It has been around for approximately two decades. Cloud computing runs on a similar principle as web-based email clients which allow the users to access all the features as well as files of the system without the need of keeping bulk of that system on their own computers. Without even realizing it, many people are already using a variety of cloud computing services. Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, TurboTax, and even Instagram are cloud-based applications.

Cloud infrastructures often support environmental proactivity which powers virtual services instead of physical products and hardware, as a result, it cutdowns the paper waste, improves energy efficiency and also reduces the computer-related emissions.

Below stated are the top 10 benefits of cloud computing:It has less operational issues:

1. It has less operational issues: Though it might look complicated, but has very fewer issues when compared to other infrastructures. The cloud computing runs on its own servers through a company whose job is to ensure that the cloud is functional and is completely bug-free. It is more reliable than your own on location-server.

The company which is running your cloud network is already looking up for a fix, the moment even a small bug arises. If it was your remote server, then you first have to file a claim with tech support and then they would have sent someone from the department to fix it.   

2. Helps in saving your money: One of the major benefits of the cloud is that it helps in saving your money in the long run. Remember that the cash is already in your pocket if you don’t have to hire a tech support team in order to fix server issues. Traditional servers often require expensive upgrades that lend you up in spending huge money. All your money gets wasted if your business does not expand as per your expectations. 

The cloud service providers help you to scale up and down seamlessly. You can buy more gigs when you require and save when you don’t.  

3. Requires less capital: Running a new startup involves huge investment as you need capital to make your business work and also need to pay your employees. The server costs can be big. One of the vital benefits of cloud computing is that it needs less cost for a startup than a local or regular server. You can pay for the amount of storage as per you need per month.  

Cloud computing upgrades your system with new patches automatically when required. Due to this, you don’t need to spend money on time-consuming hardware upgrades. 

4. Helps in increasing collaboration amongst your team: As per the report of the cloud security alliance, 79% of companies receive regular requests from users to buy more cloud applications because cloud computing is made for file sharing as well as collaboration. The team can edit files and access them from anywhere in the world with the help of cloud computing.  

5. Reduces the carbon footprint: Cloud computing involves fewer physical servers which help to allow companies to downsize their data centers. Fewer servers mean less usage of resources. The increased ability to share files needs less printout among the team which helps in saving your money.   

6. It is always on: There might be chances that you have made a mistake of forgetting an important file at work. Maybe your flash drive has not saved it properly. But if you are on the cloud, you don’t have to rush all the back to the office just to grab something from your server as the cloud is always on and if you have access to the internet connection then you can definitely get the application from anywhere that you need it.  

7. Assists in giving employees a better work-life balance: Cloud computing helps in creating a better work-life balance for your employees as the employees can work from anywhere even from their tropical vacation. Remember that happier employees always make a better workplace. 

8. Cloud has excellent security: When compared to other local servers, loud computing renders more security. With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about losing important data as well as business applications due to any natural disaster or full-on computer meltdown. 

To ensure that data loss does not happen, some of the cloud providers back up the data to additional remoter servers. Therefore, this ensures that your sensitive information is kept under wraps.  

9. It helps in easy controlling of your documents: Having data control is very important in order to keep a secure business. When the documents get into the wrong hands or even if, in the hands of an untrained employee, you never know that what is going to happen to your documents. 

With the help of cloud computing, you can easily pick out that which documents can be viewed, edited as well as shared by which users. Cloud computing also helps in real-time collaboration so that you don’t have a hundred versions of one file that is floating around.

10. Simple to implement: You might be thinking that starting with the cloud is very complicated but it is not when compared to installing a brand new local server. 

Therefore,these are some of the amazing benefits of cloud computing due to which 85% of the enterprises have implemented this in their business. You can save yourself, money, time as well as resources by putting your business on the cloud. 

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